ExpatSat Services


As the name suggests Freesat is genuinely free. It is also very good. Even with pay TV you would not want to be without the Freesat channels, but that is ok because you get it included with Sky. You get over 140 channels of TV and radio that include the likes of: BBC One HD, BBC HD, ITV 1 HD, Channel 4 HD, CBS Action, Drama & Reality. There are multiple movie, music, kids, news and entertainment channels making it the best value that money can’t buy. A full listing of the channels available can be found on the Freesat website: http://www.freesat.co.uk/what-you-get/our-channels/

Another great feature of Freesat are the +1 channels. These are channels that twin exactly the same programmes, but are running an hour behind. So if you are channel surfing and come across something that you missed the start of, or you want to finish what you are currently watching, then with all the +1’s you have a great deal more flexibility.

Flexibility! It’s what we demand as a consumer these days; we want what we want when we want it. With a dedicated Freesat HD recorder you can: pause or rewind live TV, record a whole series in HD quality at the touch of a button, browse the on screen electronic programme guide 8 days in advance or even watch/record different channels at the same time thanks to the twin tuner.

All you need to enjoy Freesat is a Pal or multi-system TV, a digital receiver and a 60 to 85 cm satellite dish pointing towards Astra 2 at 28.2° east from South. The only problem with Freesat is that you are going to see all the advertisements for Sky TV and it is probably going to tempt you.

Sky UK

If you want more then, unfortunately, you have to pay for it. Sorry about that. But be assured there is a lot on offer. As of February 2011 there is even Sky Atlantic (the home of HBO) that is free to all Sky customers with even the most basic package of 21.50 British pounds or about 30.00 Euro per month.

I could list all the different channels and packages for you but Sky does it far better. So why not check out their site at: http://www.sky.com

Want to see what’s on? Here is where you can go straight to the weekly TV listings guide: http://tv.sky.com/tvlistings

The only down side with Sky is that to get it you normally have to be a UK resident. Because Sky is so tempting though, clever minds have developed ways to get the customer what they want, even if they are living in Germany. In order to get a Sky viewing card to insert into your Sky decoder (also required), it is no good calling Sky directly. As soon as they discover that you live outside of the UK then it will be game over. They will also want to install it for you so it will be hard to bluff it out even if you do have a UK address that it could be sent to. Enter the “Hosting Agency”. I use one based in the UK. They have excellent customer service and their cards are reliable. As well as supplying the viewing card they will also upgrade or downgrade your viewing package. I recently upgraded my own service by sending them an email and 15 minutes later it was activated.

This service costs  125, 00 British pounds or around €150, 00 + VAT per year, payable in advance and when you order your service through me I will bring everything required to do the complete installation. With everything is set up so that your Sky decoder is connected to the Astra 2 satellite and already receiving the Freesat channels, then all that is left to do is activate the Sky viewing card with your chosen Sky viewing package. You can browse the available packages on the Sky website and I will forward your choice on to the hosting agency, they will then arrange for Sky to book the monthly fees from your credit card.

The activation of your packages usually follows within 24hrs and your card on delivery will be already active for Sky Entertainment. Simple!


If you have an AFN decoder, I will be happy to install it for you. Please understand that I cannot supply you with an AFN decoder. They are a restricted item that can only be bought or rented by properly authorized personnel. You do find many used ones turning up in yard sales however that could save you a lot of money. I should tell you though to make sure that you are not buying someone’s rented decoder. That could result in problems for you later.


Installation takes on average about 2+ hours depending on how many TV’s need to be connected and where the dish needs to be installed. If I need to get on your roof then you will understand that I have to take certain precautions in order that I don’t end up in traction and it may take longer. I don’t hang about though and if you make me a cup of coffee while I am there then you won’t be charged for the drinking time.

Before starting you will be made aware of all the costs for the equipment and we will have discussed all your options in detail including the estimated work time. It is also no problem if you already have equipment; if it is suitable then I am happy to install it for you as well as re-aligning existing dishes to the appropriate satellite.

The work is always neat and professionally done as if I was doing it on my own house. Because most of you will be living in rented accommodation I specialise in installing everything without any permanent structural alterations. If you are having problems explaining what you want to have installed to you landlord, I speak German and will be happy to explain everything to them. I am a German registered installer of satellites (you have to be by law), so there is generally no problem with the owners after I have assured them that their house is in safe hands.

Broadband & telephone service

Through our partner at Extelsol we also offer Broadband, land lines and mobile phone service with English language support. To see what is on offer then please visit: http://www.extelsol.eu/

If you chose village life and can’t get Broadband as a result then there is another option besides the mobile network or dial up. With a satellite dish you can now download at speeds of up to 20 MB as well as upload at 6 MB and it is a flat rate. Sky DSL (nothing to do with Sky TV UK) offer this service throughout Europe and you can order and have it installed though ExpatSat.

SkyDSL2+Flat L 20 MB

  • Bandwidth up to 20 MB downstream, upstream 6 MB
  • Flatrate
  • VoIP Telephone
  • No minimum contract duration
  • Volume inclusive
  • €69, 90 per month & €59, 90 from 12th month onwards

SkyDSL2+Flat L 16 MB

  • Bandwidth up to 16 MB downstream, upstream 6 MB
  • €59, 90 per month & €49, 90 from 12th month onwards

SkyDSL2+Flat M 12 MB

  • Bandwidth up to 12 MB downstream, upstream 4 MB
  • €49, 90 per month & €39, 90 from 12th month onwards


  • Sky DSL2+ Complete package rental: €9, 90 with 1 x fee of  €39, 90
  • Complete installation by Expatsat €99, 00 (€35, 00 mounting bracket may be required)