Welcome to ExpatSat…

Welcome to Expatsat – your portal to finding the best satellite TV package to suit your needs and budget.

Whether you are working in Germany, a student, or stationed here with the military there is no need to be without quality English language TV. There are over one hundred free TV & Radio channels and a huge variety of premium subscription channels available through satellite reception.

Top series and entertainment, sports, music, movies, kids programs, documentaries, news, shopping, travel, cooking channels and more – they’re all there in abundance. Want HBO? Yes can do – and in HD, too.

If you have a HD TV, then make the most of it with over 50 available channels in glorious HD quality, some of which are free.

With the right satellite receiver you can freeze/rewind live TV, record a whole TV series at the touch of a button, access an 8 day on screen electronic programme guide, independently record and watch/record different channels at the same time.

From the English Premiere league to the NFL, sports fans can have their fill of premium live games and events.

Of course, it’s a question of how much you are willing to pay. But even if you want it all then it would only cost you about the amount of one beer at your local each day. You will need some equipment and probably some installation work, but once it is professionally set up you can sit back after a hard days work and surf hundreds of TV and radio channels. Or you can take your pick from all the programmes that you chose to be recorded in your absence in HD quality. I promise that you will be glad that you did. After all you are away from home, working or serving in a beautiful but foreign country. Go ahead you deserve it!